Friday, March 30, 2012

Free Optics and Photonics Publications and Webinars

College faculty and high school teachers of optics, lasers and photonics have a need to “stay current” to new developments and applications in the field. Professional networks and attendance at conferences are certainly useful, but opportunities to attend these meetings are limited to the availability of your time and travel $$. Another way to do this, from your office or computer, is by receiving publication and attending webinars from free trade journals.

I have identified at least 12 free publications that contain the latest technical information and news. Some are general photonics pubs; others are publications in photonics applications, such as materials processing, telecommunications, bio optics, etc. If you want to receive any or all of these pubs, just click on the URLs provided by their titles. In it are the web site locations for you to sign up for the pubs. It's pretty easy, or I wouldn't be able to do it.

In many cases, you may select the digital (e-mailed) version, or have the hard copy mailed to you. I review all of these pubs; mostly I just receive the electronic versions; they're much quicker to review. But you may want to receive hard copies so that you can distribute them to your students. At least twice/year they will publish a Buyer's Guide. Once/year they publish a "directory".

Free publications from Pennwell:

BioOptics World :

Industrial Laser Solution:

Laser Focus World:


Vision Systems Design:

The website is powered by BioOptics World (from Pennwell) and has many good links and much information.

Free publications from Laurin Publishing:


Photonics Spectra:

Photovoltaics World:

Solid State Technology:

Free Digital and E-newsletters:

LEDs Magazine:

Edmund Optics:

Electro Optics:

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